Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler Remodel Before And After

In my previous post here, I discussed the remodel of my parents RV, I showed what it looked like before and during construction, how Aaron and I helped with gutting, adding insulation, and building walls and a new sub floor. However, the rest of the makeover, such as painting, laying new laminate, and a crazy amount of other updates, was all accomplished by my parents. They worked night and day to get the job done. Here are the before and after photos of their fifth wheel toy hauler….

Toy Hauler Garage Converted To Living Room

The garage had the most drastic makeover. It was a gritty, stained, no insulation space that froze in the winter and melted in the summer. Now it’s an airy, comfortable living room. The ceiling are quite tall in here, so my mother placed her curtains up high to give the illusion of larger windows that have shades drawn part way. 

They removed the swinging RV door since it took up a lot of space, and replaced it with a sliding barn door that they built…. 

Turning An RV Living Room Into A Big Kitchen

Since the garage is now their living room, they had no need for two similar rooms. So the living area within the slide became an extension of the kitchen. The original slide held a built-in dinette and futon-like couch. Now its a bar/wine serving area and dining room….

Across from the sofa, is the entrance to the RV. Originally meant as the entertainment area, all the cable and TV hookups are on the wall. This counter was supposed to hold an old tube TV…. remember, this RV is 15 years old! It now serves as their kitchen coffee bar. The steps are extra tall so my parents built and installed a small handrail….

Next to the front door is the main part of the kitchen. They tossed the mini microwave, and instead use that space for storage and spices. They have plans to replace the stove top/oven eventually….

Makeover Of A Small RV Bathroom

The bathroom layout in this model has the vanity sink in the mini hallway, between the living area and the bedroom. The toilet and shower are tucked into a room off of the hallway…. 

The bedroom is over the gooseneck of the trailer. The queen sized bed is in the slide. They removed the scratchy fabric on the slide trim and replaced with a dark stained wood….

Since there are no closet doors, they painted the cabinetry white and then hung a white curtain to help brighten up the space….

Their work didn’t end with just the inside of the rig. They skirted the RV, and created an enclosed room under the gooseneck/tongue hitch area. They turned this space into a laundry room and extra storage. 

And they even created a small garden paradise, complete with a long patio area designed for entertaining, cooking out, or just sitting out enjoying a summer evening….

I think they did a marvelous job! Just goes to show that living small and simply doesn’t have to be spartan and uncomfortable! Do you think you could live full time in an RV?