Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler Remodel

I thought I would take just a short break from writing about our house projects to show you another kind of remodel we helped with, a fifth wheel remodel that is. My parents moved into a 15 year old RV that was in serious need of a makeover. It’s a 37 foot toy hauler with separate garage room. There are two slides, one in the upper bedroom, and the second is a large slide in the living area at the center of the rig. The Here are the before pics….

A Typical Old RV Kitchen

First up in this fifth wheel remodel: the kitchen. Plastic sink that had yellowed over time. Mismatched faucet (part plastic part chrome). Tiny miniature microwave. Typical RV fridge. And the very dated rack at the top of everything.

The RV Living Room

It had a dinette, and a built-in futon like sofa. The quintessential RV upper cabinets and old brass fixtures with crystal shades. And something I’ll never understand: why-oh-why the ugly, scratchy fabric on the slide trim? Don’t forget the carpet going up the wall. Classic.

Here is another view from the couch/carpet wall area, looking towards the toy hauler garage….

So stained and dirty, but I suppose that’s to be expected as it is a garage for motorized ‘toys’. There is a huge drop-down door/ramp at the very back….

The Bathroom And Bedroom Of The Toy Hauler

Going back through the living area, up the stairs to the miniature hallway, there is a bathroom sink with cabinet, and separate room for the toilet and shower….

The bed room has a platform for a queen sized bed, closet/shelf in the cap, and built-in table thing…. 


Gutting An RV

On to the not so fun part: taking apart the puzzle-like bits of the RV. Gutting an RV is not as easy as you’d think. There are hidden and hard-to-get-to nails and screws, fabric and carpet that go in and under whole walls with no way to get at them, and surprisingly heavy furniture. And here I thought everything in an RV was supposed to be lightweight?

Aaron did most of the heavy and/or scary stuff. My hero 🙂 Once the built-ins were out, the carpet came up, reveling old leaks in both corners of the slide which would have to be fixed before laying the new flooring down.

Adding Insulation To An RV

The garage section of the toy hauler is to be converted to a living room, but it only has insulation in the ceiling. There is none in the walls or floor. Having personally been in this RV during winter, it’s painfully cold in this room. That wouldn’t do for full time living, so Aaron built a new floor. Between the joists he installed Roxul rockwool insulation, then closed it off with a plywood subfloor. On the walls we glued and nailed ridged foam insulation, then covered them with wood paneling….

I didn’t think to get photos of the wall Aaron built, but he constructed a typical 16 on center wood framed wall along the back, just in front of the drop-down door. That wall was also insulated and closed with wood paneling. Okay, so that’s all Aaron and I were able to help with. The rest of the transformation is all the hard work of my parents. Want to see the ‘after’ photos? Come back on Monday for that post! 🙂