Hallway Bathroom Remodel Update

Hi there! Remember me? I know it’s been a few months, but I vowed to never post just for the sake of posting, that if I was going to blog about something, I wanted it to be worthwhile. Well, we have finally made some progress on the hallway bathroom remodel, so I wanted to give you an update. As some of you know, we are remodeling this house on a budget so tight it squeaks. Basically we tackle new house projects (or continue with old ones) paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes we have to take a month or two off from spending on the remodel, because, well, food and keeping the lights on is pretty important.

Demo Of The Bathroom Floor

We were already well prepared for what awaited us after our bathroom hiatus. When we had replaced the laundry room floor last year, we had to chip away at particleboard. It was tedious, dusty, dirty, backbreaking work. Knowing the bathroom floor had the same cheap flooring as the laundry room, demolition of it was not something we were looking forward to. In fact that might have played a teeny tiny bit in our procrastination. Aaron took one for the team and donned the breathing mask, knee pads, and did the entire floor.

Particleboard Floor


In keeping with our stand to banish all particleboard (and MDF) from this house, we laid new cement board in it’s place.

The Fun Part Of A New Floor

Once that was all complete, the fan part of installing a new floor: picking out the tile and dry fitting it. We decided that as the rest of the house is natural wood and stone in a rustic style, we’d keep with the same slate flooring we put in the laundry room and around the living room hearth. It’s called Montauk in black sold at Home Depot.

When we laid slate in other parts of the house, we went with different patterns. We did an alternating pattern in the laundry room, and a rustic broken/various size pattern in for the fireplace hearth. But for in this small space, I really wanted clean lines and a little something extra.

Creating A Tile Floor Runner

We decided to make a runner from real honed and sliced rocks that we also found at Home Depot. Okay, so it doesn’t look that great in the photo, but it was still in need of a couple more baths. Trying to get grout dust off those rocks is crazy difficult. I’m not saying the job produced any choice words, but it was an infuriating chore. The rusted out shower door track was not salvageable, and to be honest, we aren’t too keen on shower doors anyway. Hard to clean and keep clean, and they seem to always be in the way when you want to use the tub for certain things, like hand washing some big blanket that wont fit in the washer, bathing kids or dogs, etc.. So out they went. Want to see what we did to the tub? New post about that soon so stay tuned!