Hallway Bathroom Remodel Begins!

It would be nice if we were the type to finish a room remodel completely before moving on to the next room in the house. But in order for us to stay excited and motivated, we have to take breaks from certain projects, especially if they are intense and take a lot of time. So we are taking a break from the living room redo, and started work on the hall bathroom.

Hallway bathroom remodel

Ripping things out seems to take longer than actually putting things back in. The sink cabinet was a bear to get out. But it had to go. At some point in it’s life a leak had damaged the cheap particle board inside, and paint and ‘wood’ was bubbled up, discolored and peeling off. Not to mention that it’s just old and dated.

We’re going to leave the tub – I don’t really want to, but we’re trying to work within a tight budget, and a new freestanding tub of my dreams is just not doable. We will be getting rid of the glass doors with it’s rusty track. There’s not much to salvage in this room, although we are going to reuse the mirror in our home gym.

I can’t wait to paint those pink walls! This bathroom will continue with the rustic/modern farmhouse vibe. More photos to come so stay tuned!