Continuing Wood Beams In The Living Room

We are continuing the wood beams in the living room, but now on the other side of the room. The opening from the living room into the dining room is wide and extends up to the 12′ ceiling, so there is lots of room to play with. And the space just needed something. It was too open and too modern for our taste. Unlike the faux beams we built, we didn’t want this one too big or heavy looking, so a simple solid fir 4″ x 4″ worked perfectly.

DIY Wood Beams

 We installed 8′ posts on the wall edges flanking the opening. Doing so had the added benefit of hiding the 1990’s styled rounded edges. The beam is secured with bolts into studs.

We then continued the posts up tot he ceiling. After which the knee braces were installed. I then filled nail and bolt holes, sanded, then stained everything.

In the above photo (view into the living room), the left side ‘post’ is not installed as of yet. You can’t tell from the photo, but the knee brace has bolt holes pre-drilled, when it comes time to finishing this side up, we just have to slip the wood plank in behind it, and bolt it to the stud. That wall edge goes into the kitchen and is physically attached to a countertop. As we are not ready to tear apart the kitchen yet, that bit of wall just has to wait. I love the look of wood beams. I think they give warmth and age, and architectural interest.