Why Handcrafted?

Ever since our first fixer house, if there was something we needed, that we could sew, build, or craft ourselves, we would. Assembly line, mass produced in a factory never appealed to us when it came to decorating our home. We naturally gravitate towards unique and one-of-a-kind. A piece that has taken time and attention to detail, crafted by someones two hands always trumps the assembly line. Every time.

Woodshop Candle Holder

This is also the reason why, we in turn try to support handcrafted artisans, be it food, kitchen gadgets, clothing, etc.. It would be a sad world if such skills were tossed by the wayside, lost, in favor of automation.

Tealight Candle Cups

I may spend more for handcrafted then I would at a home goods/decor chain store, but I know that when I do buy handmade, I’m buying something crafted with care, made with quality, non-toxic materials, that will last a lifetime. And I’m supporting the artisan and their skills.

Crafting A Slab Candle Holder

Some say that we should follow trends, offer what the big box home decor stores do. I humbly disagree. Homes are like people, every single one is unique. Each have their own style, their own feeling. Why should they all look the same? We create for those who search for uniqueness, value quality, and appreciate the time and skill put into their piece.