Rustic Living Room Accent Wall

In our living room, there is a dividing wall between it and the kitchen. It’s not very wide, but it’s rather tall, reaching up to the 12′ vaulted ceiling. We debated over what to do with it. I definitely didn’t want an all white living room. So the we needed to break up the space. We tossed around all sorts of ideas, but ended up with agreeing to do a wood plank wall. The planks would go from floor to ceiling. But, then in prep for the planks, I painted it.

When You Like The Prep Work Instead Of The Original Idea

I didn’t want shiplap. The idea was to wood trim the edges in order to get rid of the rounded drywall. Then have horizontal planks of various widths, textures, and stains, piecing them together like a puzzle. Which means there would be slight gaps here and there where wall might show through. So, while Aaron was at work, I prep’d the wall by painting them a dark gray to help the gaps blend in once the planks went up. Then he came home from work and saw the painted wall. That was the end of the wood plank idea.

Painting An Accent Wall

I had stained the wood trim, and once Aaron started installing it, seeing the wood against that gray color, really and truly clenched the deal. The gray wall was staying. The wood planks would never be. Which is okay because it has the added benefit of being easier, quicker, and less costly. And honestly, after over a year of waiting to get into this room, I just wanted it finished.

The wall has one light fixture, and we happen to have an outdoor lantern that we’ve been carting around for the last couple of years. Always intending to install it. Well, this seemed like the perfect spot for it. I really didn’t want to put the lantern sconce up as-is. It would just be dwarfed on such a tall wall. The itty bitty lantern needed some help in standing out. So we had a piece of 1″ x 7″ that fit perfectly. We then installed the sconce on top of that. So in the end, I did get to have at least one plank on the wall.

Wood Plank For Rustic Lantern Sconce

Wood And Grey Living Room Wall

Before & After

This ‘before’ pic is from the real estate listing. With only one window and a huge cherry tree blocking said window, the room was so dark and dreary. The tree was quickly chopped down when we moved in!

Grey And Wood Accent Wall


The funky circa 1980’s ceramic sconce wasn’t the only thing to get updated. We also changed the rocker wall switch to a vintage reproduction push-button one. Now that it’s finished, I have to admit that I love it. And as this space was always intended to use for a gallery wall for my vintage photo collection and artwork, they will look so much better against the solid gray. It probably would have appeared too cluttered with the all the various planks. Now I have to find and unpack my picture frames and design the gallery wall layout. I’ll post an update once it’s finished.