Installing A Whole House Filter

While still trying to finish our laundry room remodel, we also started working on the room that is to be our office. We painted, and started laying flooring (the floor is still only half way installed), but every house project was put on hold for what has now become known around here as The Great Water Project Of ’17. Ugh.

Filtering Well Water 

When we put an offer in on this house, we knew upfront that the water in our tiny farming community wasn’t good. The whole city is supplied water via 5 wells. What we didn’t know, was just how truly bad the water was. It ruins everything. It stains sinks, toilets, showers. Corrodes faucets. Turns white clothes yellow in the wash, and it stinks. The city chlorinates it, but that’s all they do. No filtering. Nope. Sorry, That wont fly with me. So after an insane amount of research and talking with filter people, we purchased two whole house filtration systems – one to filter everything under the sun, and the other as a sort of pre-filter to help protect the main filter. For the last couple of weeks, we (meaning Aaron) have been trying to get this system installed. The first task was finding our main water line, which was a horrendous task all on it’s own that I posted about here. Once found, we had to drill through the concrete footing in the garage….

Copper Pipe Through Concrete

Then copper lines had to be run and filter brackets installed….

Installing A Whole House Well Water Filter

In the above photo, the first silver colored bracket is for a pre-filter. Next to it is the white bracket which holds three filters who’s main purpose in our setup is to help protect the main filter system….

Installing A Pelican Whole House Water Filter

One of these canisters is the filter that handles the bulk of the crud in the water that makes it through the four pre-filters, followed by a salt-free water softener. And last but not least is the UV filter that zaps any little nasties that make it through the city’s chlorination and the FIVE filters. So Aaron got everything hooked up which as I said before was a huge job taking a couple of weeks, and finally turned the water back on.

Installing A UV Water Filter

Just about every dang threaded connection leaked as well as one of the copper elbows – which are near impossible to re-solder once wet, so it had to be replace with PEX. As I type this, Aaron is out in the garage trying to fix all the leaks 🙁  I tell ya, after all the work we have been doing nonstop on this house I’d say we need a vacation, only we can’t afford one as all our vacation money went to this water system lol. But hey, at least we have cleaner water!