Our Office Remodel Begins

While I’m still busy chipping away at those small finishing touches for our laundry room makeover, Aaron decided to start the remodel on the room that is to be our shared office. As mentioned before, the whole house on the inside (even the ceilings) are painted a pinkish beige – more pink than beige – so that’s where Aaron started, after removing all of the trim, he painted the walls a nice bright white….

Office With White Walls

Choose Your Underlayment Wisely

After Painting, he put down the underlayment for the flooring. We went with a product called Aquabar B, that is used for both tile and wood floors. We had used it before in our last house that we remodeled, and loved it. It’s super easy to work with, inexpensive and does the job. We also did lots of research on underlayments, vapor barriers, and vapor retarders for this particular floor assembly. It’s really important to pick your underlayment and flooring based on how your floor is constructed. For instance ours consists of a crawlspace that has a vapor barrier, followed by wood floor joists and insulation, finally topped with OSB sub-floor, which dictates a semi permeable vapor retarder. Also the kind of finished flooring we chose requires avoiding certain underlayments. I cannot stress enough to take the time to really research your underlayment no matter what finishing material you’re going to install – it could mean the difference between a beautiful long lasting floor, or one that rots out within a year.

Installing Wood Floor Underlayment

Wood Floor Underlayment

Aquabar B For Wood Flooring

And what flooring did we decide to go with? Our local Lumber Liquidator had a good deal on Northern White Pine, which we have worked with before, so we’re very familiar with the pros and cons of the wood. We decided to get all the wood for the entire house in one order, but it took two trips to pick it up….

Picking Up Our Wood Flooring

Northeastern White Pine Flooring

We stacked the flooring in the house to get it acclimatized. 469 individual boards. And I still don’t think it’s enough, but we’ll see.

Unfinished Pine Flooring

I really wanted 12″ wide planks, but do you know what that stuff costs?….more than our house is worth. No, our budget said “You shall buy 5 inch wide boards and be thankful”. I am thankful, I really am. 🙂