Things I Wish I Knew Before Installing Wainscoting

What is it I wish I knew? That it’s a pain in the tuchus to paint. So last Friday I decided I’d spend the day finishing up a bit of caulking, priming and painting the newly installed wainscoting. I started working on it at around 8:00 AM, naively thinking ‘This will be a snap, I’ll have this primed and painted by lunch time’. Ha, ha, ha! By 3:45 PM, I got the last panel primed. I was tired, my hands hurt from squeezing the caulking gun and gripping paint handles all day, and my legs hurt so bad from all the standing, going up & down the step stool, kneeling and squatting for over seven hours straight that they actually ached to the point that I had to go to bed early. When Aaron came home that afternoon, I stood in the kitchen with my fist in the air and declared to him and the world that I shall never again willingly install nor paint wainscoting, and that I will gladly pay someone else to do it. I get dramatic when I’m tired. 

Something else I learned about DIY wainscoting is that what may seem like such tiny seams or spaces in the paneling or battens that you say to yourself ‘Oh no one will notice that, once it’s painted’, are in fact fissures that will only look like the grand canyon once it’s actually painted. Caulk and wood filler are friends that should never be excluded from this party.

And lastly, something else I wish I knew beforehand, canvas drop cloths are NOT spilled paint-proof… that is if you happen to buy the cheaper one that doesn’t have the plastic coating on it. Yes, there was a moment of lots of spilled paint, choice words, and frantic cleaning of the new wood floor.

So even though I wasn’t unable to get the paint on, at least the priming is finished. However, now that I know what this project requires, I am sort of equally excited and at the same time dreading having to paint it. We picked out a really dark color, which I’ll be posting about soon 🙂