Updating A Dated 1990’s Window With Wood Trim

Even though our house was built in 2003, everything inside was leftover builder grade from the 1990’s…. cabinets, lights, even some of the architectural design features, such as the gloriously dated arched wall niche and rounded drywall edges. The office is the room we are currently working on, and while it has only one rounded wall edge, the window has three! Not only that, but the previous owners put some gnarly anchors in the wall for curtain rods above the window, and they graciously left their textured, beat-up vertical blinds that are aged by time & grime into a lovely yellow. Nice.

Boring Window

The window has potential though as it’s a large 58″ x 58-1/2″, and has some nice muntins. It could be the highlight of the room, but with those rounded, no trim edges and crummy blinds, it’s just sort of sitting there looking plain and unimpressive.

Wood covers a multitude of ugliness…. we started with the inside jambs by nailing in 1/4″ wood panel underlayment, thick enough to nail through without splitting but thin enough to not go past the vinyl casing. We tried to leave a tiny gap between the vinyl and the wood to be filled in with caulk, but naturally some windows and sills are just not perfectly square, so we did the best we could.

Next we capped the inner wood with outer casing. We decided to go big with this window, real big. With the two side casings we went with a wide 6″ cedar, and topped it off with a hefty 8″ pine for the top casing. We left the original window stool, but did pry up the apron as it was dwarfed by the beefy casing. We replaced the apron with another piece of wide pine.

Once all nailed in, I then caulked the seams and filled in holes with wood putty. 

It certainly draws the eye to the window when entering the room. Though it needs sanding and still has to be primed and painted, even in it’s unfinished state, it makes the room feel more, I don’t know, solid?….substantial?….well I can’t describe it, but hopefully you get what I’m trying to say. The only thing I don’t like about it is the stool, that it’s MDF and I’m so anti-MDF it’s not even funny, but it was still in okay condition so why not keep it and save ourselves a step. Next up priming and painting….a wanted a dark, striking color for this room, so stay tuned to see how it turned out! 🙂