Boob Light Makeover

Okay, so it’s a bit tacky to call them ‘boob’ lights, but let’s be real here, they look like boobs. Weird sobriquets aside, I just can’t picture anyone walking into a lighting store and saying, ‘I want a light fixture that resembles a breast hanging from my ceiling, show me what you have in stock’. Moving on…. We are still in the midst of our office remodel, and one of the projects was replacing the flush mount fixture. This photo is the only pic I have of the office and ceiling light before we took apart the room, but the notorious fixture is clearly visible:

Boob light makeover

Now let me show you what style of light fixture I was wanting….

Rustic Light Fixtures

#1. Mesh Industrial by Shades Of Light. #2. Industrial Flush Mount by Beautiful Halo. #3. Apolline by Wayfair. Beautiful lights but at over $100 to $200 they are way beyond our budget. And truth be told, they are just a tad bit too ‘polished’ for my taste – we wanted something more handmade rustic. To save some money, we decided to reuse the current fixture, but give it a makeover….

Boob Light Makeover

First, I stuffed paper towels in the sockets. Then Aaron turned off the power, donned his safety glasses, and took the fixture down….

Redoing a boob light

Aaron then headed out to our wood shop area, and made a template onto two squares of plywood (this is the ugly side of the plywood, the pretty side is underneath)….

Plywood circles

Makeover light fixture with wood

While he worked on creating the circles needed for my design idea, I went about spray painting the fixture. To achieve a dark grey matte, I used ‘Chalked’ by Rust-Oleum, in the color Charcoal….

Dark gray matte spray paint

Flush mount makeover

Ceiling light makeover

While the fixture base dried, Aaron and I both started to assemble the parts to create the rustic shade….

DIY wire light fixture

DIY light fixture


Once construction of the shade was done, I spray painted it, along with some of the hardware parts from the original fixture….

DIY industrial light fixture

After everything was dry, Aaron reinstalled the fixture, and I put in two Edison bulbs and attached the new rustic industrial shade….

DIY rustic ceiling light

DIY rustic boob light

DIY industrial boob light makeover

I am super thrilled at how it turned out, and the best part is the total cost to redo the light was under $40! The photos make it look small, but the frame is nearly 18″ in diameter, so it definitely makes a statement. Our office remodel continues, so stay tuned 🙂