Staining The Office Floor

Yesterday I tackled our newly installed wood floor in whats to be our future office. I have stained many a wood before, but it’s been some years since I did a whole floor. I forgot how incredibly stinky it is! If you’re going to use store bought stain, please, please, I beg you, wear a respirator mask – as I said it’s been a while since I stained a large section of a room and hence spaced it on the respirator thing. All I had on hand was this:

Wood Stain Odors

….a dust mask, and a box fan in the window. I opened up every window and door in the house and then aimed the box fan to blow out, pulling the airflow through and out the window. It helped a lot! But it still was horrible. Thankfully the room is not that big, so it only took me around 2-1/2 hours from start to finish, that included sweeping/cleaning each board on my hands and knees before staining. As I said in my last post, we decided to use Minwax in ‘Classic Grey’….

Classic Gray Floor Stain

Aaron and I distressed the floor with a big chain – dropping the heavy chain onto the floor, then hammering screw tips, sides, and heads into the wood, we beat a metal rod across planks, scratched the floor with the screw tips and a crowbar, and then we took mixed sized metal nuts from the hardware store tied onto a rope that we then literally whipped the floor with. This is how the floor turned out….

Grey Stained Floor

Barn Wood Floor

Faux Barn Wood Floor

Sure it looks amazing in person, not so much in photos. However, it smells incredibly bad, and the off gassing is just as nasty as the initial application. So much so that we had to seal off the doorway with plastic just to be able to sleep last night as the entire house reeked from this one little room. And my throat has been burning ever since the first bit of stain was applied. So we both got on trusty YouTube and looked up natural wood stains. I think we are going to give one of the recipes a try. We’re sort of done with chemical crap, no matter how pretty it looks! Have you ever used a natural wood stain?