Updating The Hallway Lighting

While Aaron worked on the laundry room remodel, I started on the hallway. The first thing to do was take down the sconces. And here you go, these were the wonderfully outdated hallway lights when we moved in….

Replacing Wall Sconces

Replacing Dated Hallway Wall Lights

I honestly had said that I’d rather look at ugly holes in the wall and wires hanging out and a dark hallway, than have to look at those 1990’s-pretending-to-be-from-the-1980’s wall sconces a moment longer. I sear I saw them in an episode of Miami Vice. So we took them down….

Updating hallway Sconces

They are the original lights from 14 years ago when the house was built, and boy-howdy did it show too. They were filthy and the wall was gross. Even though I was going to paint the walls, they had to be scrubbed first….

Lighting From The Early 1990's

Removing Dated Wall Sconces

Our hallway even when there is lighting, is just naturally dark – a carry over from the 70’s when narrow hallways were put in the center of the house with no natural lighting. So this past weekend Aaron and I finally installed new lights. Now the sconces I had originally wanted were over $60 each! As usual, my decor taste is not in line with our house budget. Another factor besides cost had to be taken into account and that was the narrowness of our hallway. Some sconces stuck out so far from the wall, or hung so low, that we would no doubt be running into them. I could already hear the questions, ‘So how did you get that black eye?’…. ‘well, my sconce jumped me in the night as I was walking down the hallway’. I found a similar styled sconce at my local home improvement center, but in the outdoor lighting section. Hey I don’t care that it’s meant as exterior lighting….a light is a light is a light. And it was half the cost of the expensive one I originally wanted….

Nuvo Wall Lantern

It has the rustic look we’re going for, and I LOVE the seeded glass which gives it that vintage look, and the small size fit the tight space perfectly. We went with a round LED vintage reproduction bulb, to give a warm candlelight glow which seemed fitting with the lantern style. They look darker in the photos than they are in real life. They actually make the hallway pretty bright, I apparently just don’t know how to photograph lights.

Rustic Wall Sconce

Rustic Sconces