When You Go Digging Around Inside The Walls Of Your House

When you go digging around the inside of your walls, you inevitably make not only a mess, but create more work for yourself, as we have recently found out. What started this quest into the insulated innards of our walls, was the need to locate our main waterline. If you own a home, it’s pretty imperative that you know exactly where your main line is, as well as where the main shut off valve is. You don’t want a pipe bursting in the night and have no clue how to turn off the water. Yes, that happened to us just last month. That subsequent water bill was a tough pill to swallow I tell you what. Anyway, back to the point of this post…. we needed to find our main line to tap into it, in order to install a Whole House Filter.

Who Knew Finding Water Would Be So Hard?

Aaron descended into the pit of darkness that is our crawlspace twice in search of that elusive line. Couldn’t find it. We called the city, we called the county, we talked to plumbers. Nope, couldn’t find it. Finally we saw pipes coming up from under the house into the wall, but the only way to get to them was to make some small holes in the drywall in the room that’s to be our office. So we did….oh there were two waterlines in there….just not the right one. So now we could add drywall repair to our huge to-do list.

Drywall Patching

How We Patched The Drywall

Our local home improvement center sells small squares of drywall just for patches. It has to be screwed in with drywall screws the the studs, but as the small holes we had made in the drywall weren’t anywhere near the studs (of course), a much larger opening had to be cut away. Joy of joys. The patch size offered by the store wasn’t quite big enough, so we had to cut another small piece to close up the wall completely.

Drywall Repair

Drywall Mud

To finish, we applied joint compound, followed by drywall tape, then topped with more compound. After it’s dry, it can be sanded, textured, primed and painted. However, we’re just going to sand it as it’s eventually going to be covered by board & batten paneling….no one will ever know that we had a scavenger hunt in the walls….well except for you guys 😉 So did we ever find the main water line you ask? Yes. After all the holes we made in the office and garage walls, the main line was indeed under the house….right next to the crawlspace door which we passed right by, twice, while looking under the house. Figures.