DIY Rustic Industrial Shelves

On our first day of our laundry room makeover I posted here about taking down the upper wall cabinets. They were still in very good condition but dated, and simply just not our style. My thought process on replacing large cupboards with shelves was that 1) the room is small at 5′ 10″ square and the original cabinets were huge and heavy and overwhelming for such a small space, it felt claustrophobic; and 2) with the garage having tons of storage and only two steps away, literally, there really wasn’t any need to have two gargantuan cupboards for storage. So down they came.

How We Created Our Laundry Room Shelves

For our DIY rustic shelves with an industrial touch, we started with #1 and #2 pine from our local hardware store. For a bit more info on wood grades checkout my post here. First Aaron took all the measurements and made all the necessary cuts. Then I sanded each board down on every side….

Sanding Wood Shelving

We had picked out a different shade of stain, to stand out from the wood trim we already installed in the room – didn’t want it too matchy-matchy, which means we also didn’t distress this wood like we did with the trim. We chose ‘Early American’ by Varathane. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about the color at first, but it turned out to be the perfect rustic brown.

Early American Wood Stain

DIY Laundry Room Shelves

Aren’t they pretty?!!!! Love how it really highlights the knots and natural grain of the wood. As with any shelves, if they’re going to be bearing any sort of weight, they really should be fastened to the studs in the wall. In our laundry room however, the studs didn’t line up with our shelving brackets we made. To accommodate this, we made a back piece of wood that gets screwed into the studs, then we attached our shelving brackets to that, this way we still have the strength of the studs, but can then place our brackets wherever we want them….

Back Support For Wood Shelving

That right there is a nice blurry action shot! 😉 Because this piece needs to be the main anchor to the wall studs, Aaron doubled the screws, hitting all the studs across the wall….

Shelf Support Bolted To Studs

Securing Shelf To Wall Studs

Finally, we assembled the brackets, which me made out of pipe, flanges and elbows, attached them to the support piece, and topped it off with the actual shelf….

Pipe Shelf Brackets

And here is what they look like….

Custom Laundry Room Shelves

Aaron made an extra bar for hangers for air drying delicates above the dryer….

Pipe Shelves For A Laundry Room

Industrial Pipe Shelf

Wood And Pipe Shelves

And of course a before and after photo….

Rustic Shelf Before And After

Over the last few posts you may have noticed that we haven’t done anything to the ceiling, well, other than get wall paint on it. I wanted to do something a bit special and different up there….coming up: taking ‘faux’ to a whole new level! (pun intended) 😉