Updating A Laundry Room

The first major home improvement project we are tackling in our new home is the laundry room. Doing laundry is a huge deal for me, with my OCD I absolutely need to have a clean place to wash the dirty laundry, otherwise I freak out….a clean room for dirty things….kind of an oxymoron I know. I digress. This is what we have to work with….

Updating A Laundry Room

Not bad, but not great either, especially when you look closely. It’s pretty small at approximately 5′ 10″ square. The room has not been updated since the day it was built 14 years ago. Every part of the house is basic ‘builder grade’, including the laundry room. The lighting is bad so it’s kind of difficult to tell, but the walls are a pale pink-beige – more pink than beige actually. The cabinets were okay, just dated.

The Ever Popular ‘Boob Light’

Whoever thought of this design way back when…. what in the world were they thinking?! And how on earth did this become so popular? Walk down any lighting aisle in your local home improvement center, and you will be inundated with glowing mammaries. So naturally our home is graced with the typical ‘boob light’….

Laundry Room Boob Light

The trim is all MDF, which is a HUGE, huge, huge mistake in a laundry room. You’ll see why in a future post. The flooring is a super cheap vinyl (it rips, dents and tears so stinking easily) in a dirty beige and putty brown color….

Laundry Room Floor Remodel

The first task was to take out any surface stuff we could before really digging into the room. So goodbye cabinets….

Dated Laundry Room Cabinets

When the cabinets came down, I could almost hear the house breathe a sigh of relief, saying ‘thank you’ 🙂 So this is how the room basically looked before the real dirty work began….

Laundry Room Face Lift

A Small Laundry Room Gets A Makeover

Up next in the laundry room adventure: painting walls when I shouldn’t, and particleboard woes, so stay tuned 🙂