We Bought A House!

After living in our 37′ fifth wheel trailer, that was supposed to be only temporary, for 1 year and 4 months, we finally purchased a house.  RV living is okay for temporary housing, like in between moves, but I just couldn’t fathom making it a permanent solution to our housing needs. So the decision was made to buy a house…. something Aaron and I vowed to never do again. That wasn’t the only vow we made…. we agreed that after two fixers, we would never move into another one. So we not only bought a house, but we bought one that needs a bit of help. Lol.

Not Quite A Fixer, But Close Enough!

The house is not a pit, not by any means, but it also hasn’t been updated since it was built in 2003. And when I say hasn’t, I mean not at all. Everything is an original 2003 install, but left over ‘builder grade’ from the 90’s (when you see the hallway lights in a future post, you’ll understand what I mean). The dated interior is made 10 times worse by the fact that the previous owner didn’t care to maintain the house, which means it’s filthy, stinks, has some rot, mold and the already cheap materials couldn’t holdup under their serious lack of care.

Some Houses Just Have An Odor About Them

The house had been a ‘dog house’, you know the kind, where you can smell the dog pee just walking up to the front door. Once inside, the smell was 100 times worse. I actually had to wear a mask the smell was enough to make me gag.


During the home buying process Aaron got to actually meet the dog. He was a big boy, so lots of pee. Knowing that the stink was mostly in the carpet, our first day in the house we pulled it all up. Look away if stains turn your stomach – these photos have not been retouched lol….


Oh, and that grimy looking area on the right side of the wall in the above ^ photo….yeah, that’s not a shadow. Some of the walls had a dirty, oily, ick where the dog rubbed against the wall. Those areas on the walls smelled like wet dog 🙁

No Saving The Carpet Pad

The carpet pad had turned from a bright pink to a grimy pinkish-grey….


The carpet pad was old and didn’t have that plastic skin to keep stains from soaking into the subfloor. So you guessed it, foul smelling pee stains everywhere….


Once the pee-bombed carpet and pad were gone, we then shop-vac’d the floor really well, and painted on a primer with stain blocking. As the large stains were over every bit of sub floor, we just painted the entire thing….


Aaron guessed that 98% of the odor was trapped in the carpet and padding, because once we pulled it all out, the smell was almost completely gone. A couple of days with all the windows open, along with me washing down walls with diluted white vinegar, and painting the sub floor with a stain blocker, no more dog pee stink!

I told Aaron the other day as I was ripping out some trim, I feel like every time I take down some part of this house, I can almost hear the house breathe a sigh of relief, like a woman letting out the ties of her corset, or for a more modern day equivalent, a woman taking off that uncomfortable bra at the end of the day, lol. There are a zillion projects lined up for this poor home, and as we will be sharing our house adventure through our blog, be sure to visit often 🙂