Into The Woods….A Photography Day Trip

Aaron and I have been so crazy busy that we both were starting to feel burnt out. So a day trip, or as Aaron likes to call it, an ‘escape’, was much overdue. So on Sunday morning we packed up the camera gear, water bottles and a few snacks, and headed out to McDowell Creek Falls, near Sweat Home Oregon. Here are a few of the photos we snapped.

The lush beauty of Oregon is at it’s best this time of year

Everything is so incredibly green. Everywhere we looked, the forest was alive with little bugs and creepy crawlers, chirping birds, water, and thick foliage.

McDowell Creek Falls Fern Photo


McDowell Creek Falls Bridge

Oregon Photography Day Trip

There were plants that I have never seen before. These leaves all had small dew drops on them, but they were only on the pointy tips, which was unusual….

Forest Plants At McDowell Creek Falls Oregon

When it came to getting the right image, Aaron was all seriousness. I on the other hand, was busy photographing little spiders, flowers, and chasing down a butterfly that really didn’t want it’s picture taken….I never did get it’s photo.

Vivid Voyage Photography Aaron Houston

One part of the park has what I called the ‘Stairs Of Death’….rickety wood stairs of like a thousands steps – or so it appeared (probably only 40-60). I let Aaron traverse them. I stayed atop taking photos of tree bark and moss….

McDowell Creek Falls, Oregon

Bridge At McDowell Creek Falls

Oregon is home to over 200 waterfalls

There are a number of breathtaking waterfalls in this beautiful state, and McDowell Creek Falls is one of our favorites, mostly because of the awesome bridge that takes you across the river. Many of the waterfalls here can only be seen from along the banks, of farther down the path. Not too many can you get so close right in front of it. The waterfalls and creek sprayed a fine mist into the air which kept the area cool, which was very much appreciated as we were hot from the unusually warm weather and hauling camera gear.

Waterfall Photograph

Aaron was able to get some beautiful images, which he will be showcasing in our shop. It was wonderful to take a day to just breathe, and what better place than out in nature. It can really put things in perspective. When you feel the need to get-away or take a day to yourself, what is something you like to do, or is there someplace specific that you like to ‘escape’ to?