A Customer Sent Me Photos!

I am always truly honored every time someone purchases my artwork. For someone to want to adorn their walls of their home, or their office with one of my paintings or prints, is beyond amazing to me. Every single piece I create is special to me, and it honestly ‘makes my day’ when I am able to bring a smile to someones face.

Some time ago, a lovely lady named Leslie purchased a print of a watercolor I did of a cupcake topped with blueberries. After receiving it, she contacted me to ask about possibly having two more custom watercolors to match. What a fabulous idea! So I created two more blueberry themed pieces, a stack of pancakes, and a vintage bowl. Leslie found a great frame with three panes, and hung the set in her kitchen. Now you want to talk about making someones day?….when Leslie sent me photos of the framed set, she made my month! I never, ever, get to see how or where customers are hanging their artwork, so this was a wonderful treat!!

Thank so much Leslie!!!! 🙂

Blueberry Kitchen Art

Kitchen Artwork With Blueberries