A French Farmhouse With Barn

I have creative ‘moods’ that I get into now and then. I’ll craft a handful of clay minis, then all of a sudden I’ll get the urge to paint a watercolor, and before I know it, one painting turns into 2, then 3, then 4, on and on until the ‘mood’ wanes (as happened with my recent enthrallment with food art), then inevitably I get into another ‘mood’. Now it’s back to clay, and that will usually last until I run out of supplies. Thankfully I just purchased a brand new package of Paperclay so was able to start on my newest piece immediately when the mood struck….

A diorama of a French farmhouse with a barn….

Miniature French Farmhouse by Boondocks Workshop

Miniature Diorama by Boondocks Workshop

I took these photos a couple of days ago. I just finished the diorama today and it will be posted in the shop soon. It has Autumn landscaping, which is a season I have never before put in any of my dioramas. The wood box houses the electrical, yes, the house and the barn light up!