A New Design For A Miniature Clay Sculpture!

Many years ago, a loyal repeat customer sent me an email that said “I can only imagine how your work space, where you create these tiny treasures, must look! To be surrounded with tiny buildings must be enchanting!” I never forgot her comment. The thought of a collection of tiny dwellings all together sparked my imagination then and I thought that one day, I would have to make a miniature village or a town. It has taken me nearly 7 years to finally do it.

I decided it would be a town atop a hill, with a narrow, steep street, an assortment of houses, enormous (in miniature) stone walls, all crowned with a castle at the top. Want to see how it’s going? Take a look….

A miniature town carved in clay

A miniature clay village sculpture

I haven’t built the framework for the castle yet, so that’s why it’s missing the top.

Narrow Village Street In Miniature

Row Houses In Miniature

I know it’s kind of hard to tell what is going on with everything one color. When it is finally dry and properly painted, the details will pop up. It sure is taking longer to create than expected! The process is slow: first I have to measure, and cut the wood frame work, fitting it like a puzzle. Then assemble it, glue it, and wait for it to dry. Afterward comes the clay, apply it, shape it, carve it, sand it. I have to wait days for each new piece to dry. Once it is all done, then the painting and shading starts. I’ve been working on this piece for nearly a month now. And it’s not that big – the base is only 3-3/4″ x 4-3/4″.

I have been thinking up other towns or collection of buildings I could do in miniature, and I have come up with a few that would be fun but challenging to recreate. What buildings do you think I should do?